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Your First “Smart Money Trade”

Claim your first trade when you become a charter member today. Each Smart Money trade recommendation Mike Burnick sends you could be worth $2,880… $3,840… even $4,960 every week. Profiting from just two trades a month and you may have more cash to cram in your bank account than you can imagine. Get in on this trade today and 7 days later wake up thousands richer.

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Weekly “Smart Money” Trade Recommendations

Following the Smart Money means every week you could lock in gains like 166%, 284%, and 383%, like clockwork. Becoming a charter member today entitles you to a new trade recommendation sent to you every week. Whether you want 52 trades or (500 or more) Smart Money trades the choice is yours. Everyday, Smart Money is dumping millions into tickers and this is only the beginning. Each week we’ll send you the “best of the best” Smart Money Trade recommendations.

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What if you knew where the Smart Money is flowing every day of the week? Because I’d like to send you Smart Money Signals. Every day you’ll receive and email from me indicating where the Smart Money is flowing that day. These are not trade recommendations. However, every charter member will receive these Smart Money Signals immediately after they sign up today. That’s five Smart Money Signals a week you can count on.

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15 hour video series entitled, “How To Retire Rich in 7 Days”

If you’re serious about retiring rich you must watch these videos. Attendees paid $5,000 to attend these events “live” but you get complete access. Inside, you’ll meet one of my students who reveals his $1,000 a day strategy (which takes just minutes to set up) Every hour is cram jammed with money making trading techniques YOU can apply today. There’s so much more to this video series that it sells separately for $5,000.

Value $5,000

Smart Money Trader “Over The Shoulder Walkthrough” Video

Jump start your success by watching this important Smart Money “Over The Shoulder Walkthrough”. In minutes you’ll see exactly how to Follow The Money in a step by step instructional video. And to make this more personal, you’ll get to see my personal screen-share as if you’re looking over my shoulder. Teaching and training traders how to win and create the life of their dreams is a passion of mine so this is truly a win-win for you and me. Personally, this is one of my favorite trainings and I know you’ll find as much satisfaction and reward out of learning from it, as I had making it.

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Full Access to the “Smart Trader” Members Only Portal

By becoming a charter member today, you’ll get your very own Smart Money Traders portal. Inside is easy access to everything you see here. Trade recommendations, educational videos, bonus material, our concierge staff contact, and any update to the members area. There are never any service charges or maintenance fees.

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Smart Trader Customer Concierge Support Staff

Become a charter member and you get direct access to our Concierge Concierge Staff 24/7, 365. Our team is 150+ members strong and literally on standby to answer questions about memberships, trade alerts, or Smart Money Trades. Take advantage of the Customer Concierge Staff because they’re here for you. And as a step further to make your experience even better, you’re also getting our “Direct Dial One Step Advantage”. This means you’re getting a specific number to “direct dial” the team member directly assigned to oversee your membership experience. They’re dedicated to you and your progress throughout the lifetime of your membership.

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Pammy J.

“First trade I did late last night and wow! Got in at $.66 and got out at $2.29!”

Michael P.

“My first weekly trade is in the books…. Took profit at $4.00 as Rob suggested, that’s a 307% gain”

Tom G.

“ I’m up $10,400 right now! “

Barbro A.

“Just got out of RSX with a profit of 112%. Wow!”

Bruce W.

“Got my 3rd 50% gain since joining this morning”

Ken H.

“Closed out my fifth trade today and all 5 have been winners”

Jack H.

“This morning I took a 260% gain”




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Mike Burnick & Rob Booker

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